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The Data Universe™ is an open source, true peer-to-peer data sharing network.


Overall specifications for development are available here.

Web-Based Demonstration Interface on Host "A"

Add a File to the Data Universe™
Query the Data Universe™
Enter a text description for the file:

Specify a file to upload:

Always To Host "A"

A file is broken into a number of Blocks and uploaded to the Data Universe in pieces. Each block is given a unique Block ID based on its contents. A File Descriptor is created that contains the given file name, description, and other information about the file, including a list of the Block IDs required to rebuild the file when requested.
Enter a text query:


A Query searches the contents of File Descriptor Blocks to find files matching the given criteria. The resulting table lists Blocks that match the query. Query results are not deterministic in that different lists of File Descriptors may be returned with repeated Queries. The same file may occur in the Data Universe multiple times, possibly with different descriptions. The File Descriptor ID is presented as a link that may be selected to recreate and download the file.

Features for Web-Based Testing

Specify a repository block to push:

Always To Host "B"

Select a file from the local repository and push it to Host "B".
Enter a File FD to Extract:


A specific File Descriptor ID is used to select data Blocks to reassemble into a file. The resulting file is downloaded to the local computer.
Enter a Block ID to Show:


A single block is presented in a (more or less) readable form in a web page.
Enter a Block ID to Get:


A particular Block may be downloaded to the local computer by giving its unique Block ID. Block IDs can be obtained from the File Descriptor.

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